• In very good company

    Get to know a bit more about the leading companies that support us.

    Terrence Liu

    Senior Manager at Fairland

    Pablo Blasco

    CEO at TAHR Arquitectos in Mexico City

    Oriol Bayod

    BU Manager Spain & Portugal at BWT Pool

    Nicolás Díaz

    Design Manager at Construcciones Planificadas S.A. (Bogota)

    Mohammed Ibrahim

    CEO at The Wellness Abdulmuhsen Dubai

    Miguel Messias

    Iberia & Latam General Manager at FLUIDRA

    Juan Carlos Alvear

    Director of Alvear Arquitectos in Mexico City

    Joelle Majorovic

    Project Manager at Zannier Hotels (Belgium)

    Joel Beauzor

    Country Manager at AIPER Intelligent

    Fernando Blasco

    General Manager for Europe and Australia at Hayward

    Eloi Planes

    President of the Piscina Barcelona International Exhibition

    Blake Pearl

    Technical Director at AIS Water

    Antonio Quesada

    Managing Director at Morpheus & CO

    Andrew Zong

    Board Chairman at Phnix

    Ana Ramírez

    Senior Lead Designer at OBMI and Co-founder and CEO at Ancestral Handmade Hotels (Colombia)