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    Naty López, COO BWT Pool Division.

    The BWT brand is a regular participant in every edition of Piscina & Wellness Barcelona. The group will present significant innovations at the fair, which this year has a higher number of exhibitors and continues to bring together leading brands as a European reference event and the most important one at the national level. Naty López is the Chief Operating Officer of BWT Pool Division, a global position overseeing the entire pool division. We talked to her about how they understand and apply sustainability and responsible water use in the company, with the premise of developing the best products and services for water treatment.

    Naty López, COO BWT Pool Division.

    1. BWT is an international group leading in water treatment, with BWT Pool being one of the most prominent divisions. What services do you offer to the wellness and pool sector?

    Best Water Technology is a company with over 30 years of history dedicated to developing the best products for water treatment. From our 7 different R&D centers worldwide, we continue to research innovative solutions for industrial water treatment, pharmaceuticals, and also for domestic drinking water. Furthermore, our mission “Change the world Sip by Sip” clearly defines our commitment to making the world more sustainable through the various technologies we promote.

    A few years ago, BWT decided to venture into the pool industry to apply our energy efficiency and water consumption technologies in this field. Our engineering services work daily, and our goal is to be a leading manufacturer of sustainable pools, as defined by our brand “Best Water Technology.”

    2. Your business advocates for responsible water use and improving its quality. At BWT, you uphold the positioning “For you and planet blue,” a manifesto of your philosophy. How do you translate this into reality in your products?

    Our investments and new products are focused on reasonable water and energy usage. Cartridge filters, variable-speed pumps, improved inverter technologies for heat pumps, state-of-the-art automatic covers, connected control panels that monitor energy usage, or even our robots – everything is designed to ensure responsible energy and water consumption.

    Robot COSMY. Image courtesy of BWT

    3. At a time when water optimization is a priority, and after a summer of drought, have you noticed a change in the consumption habits of your customers and the demand for your products in the pool sector?

    Certainly, customers are becoming increasingly interested in consumption and are choosing much more sustainable options. This awareness is perfect for the planet and also for manufacturers like BWT, who base the development of new products on these concepts.

    4. Innovation plays a leading role in your business. How do you work on developing innovative products?

    We have an innovation team with great potential and experience in water technology at our headquarters in Mondsee, Austria, which coordinates and synergistically manages our local R&D teams. In a short time, we have made advances in filtering technologies, and there are ongoing projects related to the future of sustainable chemistry in pools. Although we cannot reveal much about what is being discussed internally, we are very excited about this cross-functional collaboration between our teams concerning innovative solutions for the pool of the future.

    5. Can you give us a sneak peek at some innovations in the pool and wellness sector that you are working on?

    We are launching an innovative project called Mirror Pool Esprit3 by BWT, “The most valuable Deluxe pool in our Planet.” This project is exclusively presented at the Piscina & Wellness Barcelona fair as a unique concept for an elegant, simple, and sustainable pool.

    6. You recently took on the role of COO Pool Technologies, previously being responsible for Sales and Marketing and Service in the same division. What would you like to drive and develop in your new position?

    My role within BWT Pool has always been to integrate and coordinate the different companies that form our division, and this will continue to be one of my main tasks. Undoubtedly, one of BWT Pool’s missions for 2024-2025 is to consolidate our division and showcase our synergies to ensure an excellent BWT experience for our customers. There is a team focused on this goal, and in 2024, we will begin to see the difference.

    7. Do you think the pool sector and the end customer are aware of responsible water usage and investing in products to improve water quality and efficiency?

    Clearly, we see both professional and end customers becoming much more aware of these concepts. Questions about water consumption, energy efficiency, or ease of maintenance and repairs are becoming frequent when choosing a pool product or even for the renovation of existing pools. This is excellent news for the planet and for BWT.

    8. BWT’s participation in the Piscina & Wellness Barcelona fair dates back several previous editions. What do you expect to find again in the next edition?

    It is an ideal time to reconnect with our customers, collaborators, and friends, present our innovations in robots, accessories, cartridge filters, Mirror Pool Esprit3 by BWT… but above all, it is an ideal time to assess the season and share our energy and optimism for 2024-2025. BWT continues to believe in and strongly support the world of pools.

    Robot COSMY. Image courtesy of BWT

    Cristina Benavides, Collaborator of Piscina & Wellness Barcelona