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    Grupo QP is a pioneer in the manufacturing of chemical products, disinfection equipment, and water care products for all types of pools. With a philosophy based on the quality, sustainability, and innovation of the products they manufacture and sell, as well as the service they provide to their customers, this year they are participating again in Piscina & Wellness Barcelona. Their Commercial Director, Luis Calvo, talks to us about the projects they are working on and their future expansion plans.

    Luis Calvo, Commercial Director of QP

    You have a wide range of products. Which ones are most in demand by customers?


    Our catalog is very comprehensive, and consumers can find any product they need for the care and maintenance of private and public pools or spas. In general, what is most in demand are our chemical products – Quimicamp Piscinas. We are proud to say that customers who have tried them repeat their purchase because they have experienced their effectiveness and quality in solving any water-related problems. Other relevant products include our extensive range of robots and everything related to salt electrolysis and filtration in general.

    Do you notice different types of demand based on territory and climate?


    Yes, indeed. Similar to other sectors, the demand for our products also varies depending on geographical location and climate. In warmer regions, there is higher demand for chemical products and filtration systems, while in cooler areas, customers request more salt electrolysis systems and, notably, liner coatings, especially during specific times of the year.

    QP’s products cover both public and private pools, as well as spas and wellness centers. What differences would you highlight among products for these different types of spaces?


    There are significant differences. For public pools, the demand focuses on highly automated solutions that comply with current regulations.

    In private pools, we observe a growing acceptance of more sustainable products, such as variable-speed pumps, along with greater integration of home automation technology. This includes devices with WiFi connectivity for pool control and management.


    There is increasing awareness among customers and the industry to develop sustainable products. How is QP implementing this approach?

    At QP, we are aware of the growing interest in these products, and we are meeting this demand by offering solutions such as variable-speed pumps that generate significant energy savings and low salinity salt electrolysis systems. Additionally, in our factories, we implement continuous improvements year after year with the aim of leaving a positive legacy in our environment and contributing to a more sustainable world. Evidence of this is the RSA (Aragonese Social Responsibility) seal we obtained, recognizing our commitment to society and the environment. This commitment also extends to key aspects such as employees’ work-life balance, promoting equality in the workforce, volunteering, social collaboration, and alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    Do you have any challenges in terms of sustainability, to balance a good product with environmental respect?


    Certainly. We are committed not only to significantly reducing the percentage of plastic in our products but also to using raw materials that are compatible with quality and efficient resource use. We evaluate the supply chain and the product lifecycle, from design to disposal, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

    With 50 years of experience in the market, what concerns customers the most regarding the use of chemical products in aquatic facilities?

    The most common concern among customers is often related to skin and eye irritation. It’s important to note that, in most cases, skin and eye irritations are not caused by the chemical products themselves but rather by incorrect pH regulation in the pool.

    Your brand Quimicamp Piscinas is the leading seller in Spain. How do you incorporate innovation into chemical products?

    Our leadership position is based on a constant dedication to innovation in chemical products for pools. We firmly believe that this dedication is the key to staying ahead in a dynamic and constantly evolving market. In our R&D department, we research and develop new formulas with the aim of making continuous improvements in our product manufacturing, seeking cleaner and more efficient production methods.

    For us, innovation is not just a goal but a mindset present in all areas of our company.

    What role does exportation play in QP?


    Exportation is fundamental in QP’s global product strategy as a significant driver for expansion into new markets. Currently, we are present in 30 countries, and our goal in our 5-year plan is for this to translate into 25% of our revenue.

    Can you give us a glimpse of some of the new products or business lines you are working on?


    Currently, we are focused on creating new chlorine tablet formulations and developing new products for water care and maintenance. Additionally, we maintain constant collaboration with our partner companies to create innovative products in the pool robots and equipment category.

    What do you hope to achieve at the upcoming edition of Piscina & Wellness Barcelona?

    This year, we have designed a space that will surprise and reflect our enhanced focus on innovation. We expect to receive many visitors and establish new business relationships that will lead to projects materializing in 2024, making the most of this fair.

    Those who know us from previous editions are aware that we are always ready to work intensively. We love meeting customers, creating new business opportunities, and exchanging ideas with other companies in the sector, which, for us, are not just competitors but also colleagues.

    We take this opportunity to invite you to the Grupo QP stand and get firsthand experience of our brands, our work, and the excellence of our products. There will also be two days of product presentations and training. For those who already know us, it will be a pleasure to meet again.

    Cristina Benavides, collaborator of Piscina & Wellness Barcelona