A new perspective. Shared challenges

    Understanding the future of the pool entails understanding its usefulness, its purpose. Even the most sustainable, best-equipped and best-maintained swimming pools only make sense when they’re used and they fulfil their function, that of offering value to people.
    In order to anticipate the direction of change and the course of innovation, we propose exploring how the pool responds to our life aspirations and how it articulates fundamental elements of individual and social human experience.
    Barcelona is a city that aspires to be a place that overcomes shared battles and the best scenario for promoting a vision to position pools among the solutions to the challenges of how to live better as people, as a society and as a planet.

    The Piscina & Wellness Barcelona Innovation Programme is divided into four main content areas:

    01. Global aquatic innovation projects

    Find out more about the aquatic innovation projects around the world that are making a difference. In video format!

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    Punta Caliza Project
    The project that’s turned a small family-run hotel into a global benchmark destination as a result of its amazing swimming pool.
    Zamá Project
    A large resort such as Bahía Príncipe Grand Tulum is positioning itself as a benchmark family leisure destination thanks to its distinctive aquatic adventure project for children.
    Senegal Innovation Project
    In one of Dakar’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods, where hardly anyone can swim, a swimming pool constitutes a transformational element. An innovative area for aquatic literacy and relationships for the whole community.
    Caldea Innovation Project

    Located in Andorra, this wellness center has become a reference space in which water is the protagonist.

    San José Project

    Thanks to its pioneering aquatic therapy unit, the hospital center has become the benchmark for the entire region in the field of rehabilitation.

    02. Axes of innovation

    The themes that unify the future of the sector:

    • Pools mean wellness: aquatic fun and relaxation
    • Pools mean health: sport and aquatic treatment
    • Pools unite communities: aquatic literacy and effective access

    03. Innovation awards

    Acknowledgement of innovation projects whose core theme is human experience through aquatic solutions.

    04. Innovation seminars

    A coherent programme to revitalise and publicise innovation in the pool sector geared towards the resolution of the relevant social challenges and needs.