• Practical Info


    Gran Via venue, Hall 1 and 2

    Av. Joan Carles I, 64
    08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

    Dates | Times

    27 – 29 nov 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
    30 nov 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


    Skateboards and bicycles are not allowed inside the enclosure.

    Check the admission rules here

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    How to get to Gran Via

    L9 Sud: The easiest way to get to Gran Via from the airport
    Direct connection from inside the venue
    View the map (2,2MB)


    Las estaciones “Fira” y “Europa/Fira” de la línea 9 de Metro conectan directamente el recinto de Fira Gran Via con el Aeropuerto de Barcelona, ambas terminales, así como con cualquier punto de la ciudad de Barcelona.

    El metro funciona diariamente entre las 05 y las 24 horas y ofrece servicio ininterrumpido los fines de semana.

    Ir a la web de Metro TMB


    La estación “Europa/Fira” de Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat conecta el recinto de Fira Gran Via con el centro de la ciudad, así como con otras ciudades del entorno. Todos los trenes de las líneas S8, S33, R6, R5 y S4 realizan parada en la estación “Europa/Fira”.

    Ir a la web de FGC


    Diferentes autobuses realizan parada en el entorno del recinto de Fira Gran Via. Las principales líneas son: H12, V1, 79, 65, 46, V3 y H16.

    Consulta toda la información en la web del bus TMB


    Barcelona y su área metropolitana cuenta con más de 10.500 taxis que son fácilmente identificables por su color amarillo y negro. Los recintos de Fira Barcelona disponen de paradas de taxi habilitadas para facilitar la llegada y salida de los visitantes.

    Todos los taxis disponen de una luz verde para indicar su disponibilidad, de taxímetro visible con el importe a pagar y de sistemas de cobro con tarjeta de crédito.

    El precio aproximado de un trayecto se puede consultar a través de la app oficial “AMB Taxi Barcelona”.

    Más información sobre tarifas oficialesquejas o denunciasobjetos perdidos y taxis adaptados o especiales.

    Información general


    Descargar información en PDF

    Por autopista

    El recinto está conectado con las principales autopistas y autovías de acceso a Barcelona: AP-7, AP-2, A-2, C-16, C-58, C-31, C-32, C-33.

    Localización GPS
    41.35448, 2.12698
    Consultar itinerario en Google Maps

    Hola BCN!

    -10% dto.

    Viajes ilimitados en
    metro y bus


    *El sistema tarifario integrado te permite combinar todos estos medios de transporte y los trenes de cercanías con un único billete.


    The “Fira” and “Europa/Fira” stations on Metro line 9 connect the Fira Gran Via Venue directly with both terminals of Barcelona Airport, and with all areas of the city of Barcelona.

    The metro operates daily between 5 am and midnight and an uninterrupted service is available at weekends.

    Go to the TMB Metro website


    The “Europa/Fira” station of the Generalitat Railway Network connects the Fira Gran Via Venue with the city centre, as well as with other surrounding cities. All the trains on lines S8, S33, R6, R5 and S4 stop at the “Europa/Fira” station.

    Go to the FGC website


    Several buses stop in the vicinity of Fira Gran Via Venue. The main routes are: H12, V1, 79, 65, 46, V3 and H16.

    For more information see the TMB bus website


    Barcelona and its metropolitan area have more than 10,500 taxis that are easily identifiable by their yellow and black color. The Fira Barcelona venues have taxi stops enabled to facilitate the arrival and departure of visitors.

    All taxis have a green light to indicate their availability, a taximeter visible with the amount to be paid and credit card collection systems.

    The approximate price of a trip can be consulted through the official app, “AMB Taxi Barcelona”.

    Find more information on official ratesfiling complaints or police reportslost objects and adapted or special taxis.

    General information

    Download information in PDF

    By motorway

    The venue is connected to the main motorways and roads accessing Barcelona: AP-7, AP-2, A-2, C-16, C-58, C-31, C-32, C-33.

    GPS Location
    41.35448, 2.12698
    View itinerary in Google Maps

    Access and distances

    Admission rules​

    These Admission Rules are mandatory for all visitors entering the FIRA DE BARCELONA venues.


    Visitors will be able to access the Event facilities during the days and hours of its opening.

    Common Provisions:

    Within the hall it is prohibited:

    1. Causing disturbances that disturb public order.
    2. Entering with animals (except guide dogs), bicycles, skateboards and the like.
    3. Smoking inside the Venues.
    4. Access the venue with flags and/or banners of an ideological or political nature, as well as any other element that contains racist or xenophobic symbols or that incite violence or violate the dignity of people.

    The organization of the Event may proceed to remove this type of material at any time before access to the venue or inside it, which will be returned upon leaving the venue.

    Visitors must respect the areas designated as emergency exits and fire protection, as well as the instructions of the Fira de Barcelona staff aimed at guaranteeing safety on the premises.

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