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    Terrence Liu, European Area Manager

    Fairland is a company that specialises in development, manufacture and supply of smart robots technology for gardens and the outdoors. In this interview, Terrence Liu, the European Area Manager, explains how innovation plays a key role in asserting his leadership within the industry, an innovation that will without a doubt be one of the highlights of the next edition of the Piscina & Wellness Barcelona trade fair.

    Terrence Liu, European Area Manager

    1. Sustainability and electric energy savings are crucial within the industry. In this regard, what is Fairland doing as a company and with the products it manufactures?

    As a company, Fairland commits to providing energetic efficiency and sustainability through the reduction of energetic consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Fairland products are designed to meet or exceed industry standards on energy saving. In addition, Fairland also focuses on environmental sustainability in its manufacturing processes, making an effort to reduce its carbon footprint and minimise waste. We use environmentally friendly materials whenever possible.


    2. The world’s economic situation, the rise in prices and the complex raw material supply situation are significant challenges. How do you view the future of the industry?

    The global energy crisis and inflation imply big challenges for factories. This could lead to higher prices for the consumer and smaller profit margins for the manufacturer. Companies may need to start finding ways to sustain their technological innovation, optimise supply chains and reduce costs.

    However, I think change towards a manufacturing process that is environmentally friendly and the growing demand for personalised products will boost the industry’s growth in the long term. Manufacturers must invest in innovation to stay at the forefront and meet the demands of consumers.


    3. Evidence of the importance of innovation in Fairland is the over 100 international patents that have been registered. How do you approach innovation?

    Fairland has always positioned itself as a technological, innovative company. Every year, we make a significant investment in R+D, taking several aspects into account:

    • Promoting creativity and experimentation among employees to foster new ideas.
    • Collaborating with other companies, research institutions or new companies to harness their experience and resources.
    • Carrying out market studies to identify customer needs and weak spots that may be tackled through innovation.
    • Adopting agile and flexible processes that allow for fast iteration and adaptation based on client feedback and the changing market conditions.
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    4. As European Area Manager, do you see differences between the European market and other markets, such as Asia or America?

    The European market has been developing for decades, the industry is more mature and there are many relevant “players.” For this reason, there is greater competition, and unique, technical products are more necessary for this market.

    Inverter technology is in its early stages of rapid growth within the Asian and American markets, and more and more competitors are starting to pay attention to these areas, which I think will undergo significant growth over the next few years. In this regard, Fairland will launch new products for these markets.


    5. Among the latest news the company has released is the 20x savings iGarden solution. What are the benefits of this new technology?

    Fairland wants to promote energy saving in outdoor robots, thus providing the best outdoor life experience. With this solution, the user can get energy savings that are 20 times higher and quieter through the InverX20 pool heat pump, as well as enjoy the 20 hours of runtime through the InverX pool cleaner robot and reduce the energy bill with the iGarden solar system.

    Imagen cedida por Fairland

    6. What new products are you working on?

    Next year we are officially launching the InverX20 heat pump with COP 20, we are hoping to redefine the COP 16 standard set by Fairland 8 years ago. In the meantime, we are launching the wireless and smart pool cleaner robot, with a 20-hour battery life, which we think will revolutionise the industry.

    7. The next edition of the Piscina & Wellness Barcelona trade fair will take place on 27 to 30 November. What are you expecting to see at the biennium fair and what are you bringing to the table?

    In our case, it will be an opportunity to meet with old partners, hear their demands and share information. Simultaneously, we want to learn about the latest technology and explore future development trends.

    Fairland will present the iGarden solution, including the latest pool heat pump, the wireless cleaner robot, the solar system, and other new products.


    Cristina Benavides, Piscina & Wellness Barcelona associate